Windows 10 – Arduino Data Transfer to Excel 2016 PLX-DAQ Protocol



UPDATE 5/30/2017 10:06:AM

I have just tested this program on my Atmega 1284P Development board and it works perfectly and the Arduino Mega 2560 🙂

I have Excel 2016 and Windows 10, two powerful platforms in my humble opinion, well thanks to an individual named Net^Devil over at the Arduino forums, he has a very clever program that I think perhaps has in large part solved a problem for me.

I needed an alternative way of importing my CCD data directly into Excel, his program PLX-DAQ v2 does this and is completely open sourced. I have modified the sketch of the test program which makes it a lot more stable on the Excel data side (this may not be an issue for earlier versions of windows but is for windows 10).

PNG closeupmay29

The chart below is the GUI panel for PLX-DAQ in Excel


Here is the PLX GUI panel opened in Excel, on my Mega 2560 my com port is 3 and my baud rate is 14400 (right now any faster and excel stops working? don’t know yet)

The documentation is good and easy to set the program up.


Random number generator program running

PLX-DAQ v2 pic2

All data has been imported from the Atmega 2560 into Excel, you can see the data to your left in columns A and B.

Excel chart number 2

You an see here in the zoomed in view, that it makes life a lot easier when manipulating data and constructing charts all in one shot 🙂



This is the test code for the random # generator for the Mega 2560, I’ve added the #include <util/delay_basic.h> lib, because I needed to incorporate a few delay functions to give Excel some time to catch it’s breath. Using the demo sketch by itself Excel, at least in Windows 10 will crash, so I increased millis() delay to at least (75) and added a couple of “do nothing” cycles, and it did the trick (but only at baud 14400).

Still all in all, this is very promising and I hope to modify it so it is adaptable to my Atmega1284P MCU…Any help out there would be greatly appreciated!

My project moves ever forward! 🙂

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