Open Source Spectral Database

I have over twelve thousand lab spectral files (processed and raw data,) in csv format from all my spectrometer builds, starting from the first one I built to the present V3 version. I am always disappointed when trying to search the web for spectral data, either they feel that the data is top secret or they want an unreasonable payment for the knowledge.

I’m pretty fed up with it so, I’ve decided to hunker down and catagorize my work and post it for “free” on Github. I’ve just started so please be patient, this will take some time but I will get their, my first upload is a little sample of the catagories; light sources (CFL, Halogen, laser,LED and IR) next is dyes, which are my specialty (used for microbiological staining,) eosin y, Rhodamine B, I will be including carbol fuschin, safranin o, malachite green, methylene blue and fluorescein also at a later date.

I also included some of my studies in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil,) and will be including a study I did on Wyoming sweet crude oil.

The data sets will always include the raw data sets plus the processed data with a labeling legend attached for easy identification on plot legends. This way there is a clear trail of scientific evidence that we all should be using when doing good scientific research.

I hope this project will be helpful now and in the future, its a lot of work on my part but I don’t mind doing it because I feel someone has too and it’s going to be me 🙂

Here is the link to my page @ Open Source Framework; Open Source Framework


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